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Welcome to the Matapédia Showcase, the official gateway to the Matapédia! Here, you can find a host of information about our region. Here, fields, forests, lakes and rivers rival for your attention, making it obvious that the Matapédia Valley is a fine place to live, visit its attractions or build your business project.

Not only is the Matapédia the junction between the Lower Saint Lawrence and the Gaspé Peninsula, it is also, and especially, home to a generous and welcoming community of people who over the years have forged an identity of their own, one that can be seen in its unique scenery, authentic heritage and culture symbiotically linked to Nature.

The Matapédia is also a fertile land for business projects. It features a range of activity sectors ready for development and high potential natural resources.

In short, whether you want to live here, visit our area or develop your business projects, the Matapédia is sure to charm you. Enjoy your visit !

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